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About Us

The Isabella Brown journey started with a simple desire to make fashion forward shoes more affordable for the Australian girl.
Taking inspiration from local boutiques to international runways, the brand has now evolved into a product that can be depended on season after season to capture and create emerging trends that local women can identify with - carefully following fashion, yet also maintaining a recognisable independence.
Years have been spent tirelessly working with factories to manufacture a product that consistently fits and wont break the budget. Whether we are creating a timeless classic or seasonal trend in the latest hot hues or vibrant fabric mixes, this self-imposed benchmark of quality and craftsmanship is never compromised.
We are always humbled by the unfaltering level of support from our growing alliance of wonderful retail partners. It's this support that keeps the brand strong and will no doubt keep the journey alive for many years to come.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for visiting the site and supporting our brand. We love and treasure your comments and feedback. Please contact us anytime with your thoughts on how we can improve the product or service ... or just to say hi :)
Isabella Brown